K-Tech Suspension Tracker Cartridge Kit

$ 899.00

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IDS – Independent Damping System

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Spring Preload (both legs)
  • Compression Damping (one leg)
  • Rebound Damping (one leg)
  • 20mm Pistons
  • Screw On Caps Conceal Controls
  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum
  • Fully Anodized
  • Uses Standard Dimension Fork Springs
  • Available in three rates: 8.5N, 9.0N, 9.5N


IDS means Independent Damping System. Independent compression and rebound damping controls (one leg controls rebound, the other compression damping). 20 IDS cartridges include 20mm pistons but springs are not included and should be chosen based on rider weight when ordering. 14mm control rods displace a large volume of oil for better control and rider feedback, with 20mm aluminum cartridge tubes.

The K-Tech Suspension 20mm IDS 20mm cartridges offer full adjustments and tuning for forks that often lack preload or compression damping adjustment from the factory. Both legs have spring preload adjusters, and the rebound control is in one leg, while the compression is in the other.

Base settings out of the box and set up rarely require additional tuning, other than spring set up and minor compression and rebound adjustments. All manufacturing processes, as well as material selection and finishing are aerospace grade for substantially improved durability and consistency. We often find fresh, clean fork oil when draining forks after a full season of track time!

The 20mm IDS front fork cartridges have been designed to fit original equipment front forks for track and racing use. These high quality replacement cartridges are designed and manufactured in the UK using the highest quality materials and processes giving optimum performance and confidence to the rider.

The open cartridge damping system uses 20mm diameter control pistons with a 14mm diameter aluminum piston rod giving a big displacement of fluid for accurate damping control. All of the aluminum parts are hard anodized to protect against wear and contamination of the damping oil during use giving longer intervals for servicing.

Adjustments include 30 clicks of rebound damping on one leg, and 24 clicks of compression damping on the other leg, with 18mm of spring preload adjustment. Replacement flow control valves, a fork travel indicator, an owners manual, and stickers are included with this kit.

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39mm Forks, 49mm Forks


8.5N, 9.0N, 9.5N